NEW: Tennis Wordsearch at Flem Manor!

June 26, 2013

Hey Weevils! Have you been watching all the Wimbledon action and cheering on your favourite player?

Gong is the Bin’s undisputed tennis ace – he’s never lost a match, except for that one time when Tink and Clott replaced all his tennis balls with paintballs and the match had to be called off. It took seventeen washes to get all the paint out of his tennis whites!

Gong’s going to love the new sporty wordsearch that has appeared at Flem Manor, plus the bonus Mulch and XP from completing it…and so will you!  Head over to Flem Manor now to check it out!


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: A post later in the week will give you the answers to this wordsearch and along with completely updated pages.  This will be the final post where everything is announced to be up to date.

Look forward to it! For now though, why not head to Flem’s Manor and have a go at the wordsearch yourself? This way we can preserve the fun for you longer because if all the answers were given, you would lose interest in the game very fast. We can also make your enjoyment on Binweevils last longer before releasing all the answers!


– xWonderlandx

P.S. If you haven't done so already, please vote for author 'hf556's website 'Binweevil Company' 

One comment

  1. plz post the answers asap…….
    and nice blog… i will keep coming here

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