Crosswords Answers

LATEST UPDATE: 21st July 2013


Level 1 – Opposites

Level 2 – General Crossword

Level 3 – General Crossword

Level 4 – What Bird Am I?

Level 4 – School

Level 5 – General Crossword

Level 6 – General Crossword

Level 7 – General Crossword

Level 8 – General Crossword

Level 9 – General Crossword

Level 10 – General Crossword

Level 11 – General Crossword

Level 12- Summer Fun

level twelve summer sun crossword solution




  1. Phew, I just managed to level up…

    • you stink

      • this is so crap.should be for boys instead.who ever made this is a loser.

      • who?

      • this is boarding it should be boys who ever made it please make it for boys now

      • rubbish jess is that all u can do

      • you are very mean!!

      • who stinks the only person that stinks is you so ha!!

      • he/she doesnt stink

      • no she dosent shes a creatful girl with all the cool anwsers if you dont like it find another site but you cant find a site as good as thet ha!!!

      • this is ………

      • so do u

      • why its 4 girls ? why not 4 boys? (wave)

      • what? they’re all right why would you say that

    • hi im some one your name then i will tell u mine xx love ya as a friend

    • i wish they wood do more crosswords. i have completed them all. wat lvl are u. i am lvl 11. the date is 11 of june 2011

      • i am 2, but im nearly level 12 XD just 146 xp left
        here goes!

      • this is a girls site so why the hell are u on it girl wannabe never gonnabe

    • isnt jessica horrible


    • You are very nice, the other two just used swear words!!!

    • im a levle 8 and im lovin it all

    • i like this i get more mulch

    • opop

    • what level are you on now

    • it helps me allot!! Tanks

    • me to i have finished all the levels on the crossword and the answers really helped me

      • thanks and u helped me a lot

    • year i love it to i haved leveld up

    • good for you hey what level!!!!!!

      • i’m level 103 no cheats used but i think thats the highested level coz my level wont buge 😦 but for cheats try binweevils united

    • XD we really did need to know that…


  2. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lusy smels

      • so does her friend

      • dont be so self-centered , and your comments are basically judging you as nasty i would buck up if i were you

      • hi Jess
        Do you go on binweevils? if u do what is ur name ?My name is Gemma harbour so i u do bump into me lets have a chat.

      • that is not nice

      • She does not!! Nor does her friend!!!!!
        That was mean!! You can’t even spell lucy!!!!

      • and so do you jessaca

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      • Hay!! Do NOT say that to poor Lucy!! :p How would you like it if I said J’essaca H smells!’ Hahhaha

        You bully!!

        (And even if it was a joke, it was NOT funny!)

    • r u up to anythingthis week maybe we can talk ans gossip

    • i am surprised that u get commented everyday !!!! Wondering if u can help me with a crossword. If u cant just email me. My adress is Richards235@btinternet.com.What r u doing in school at moment ..anything exiting!!!!!!

      Why does it say your comment is waiting moderation??

    • My mum just had a baby on binweevils yh and she is called yasmin !!!!!

    • and you

    • hi

    • hi lucy

    • hey girl

  3. i thought it was ok and i toght the last ones were realy hard !

    • i agree

      • arent u people on here liking it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I know it was hard!!!!LOL!

    • thx your sooooo helpful xxx

    • who whants bin cheats

    • yea it is pretty hard

    • i know

  4. fmhvch

    • what is that meant to mean

  5. thank god now i managed t level up

    • really i had start again

    • i have managed to level up !!!!! i was like”woohoo thank god i never thought i would” my new room was £8000 !!!!!! WOW!!!!

  6. thanks now i can afford a new room! (nearly anyway)

    • well done ive only got one room!!!!!!

    • SOOO

    • i can too wooo

      • i can too awsome 3 guys are the same

      • can what

  7. it helped me

  8. Thanx so much Ur really helpfull but On the school one For some reason I copied all of yours and tripple checked but It said wrong

    • maybe you can’t copy it??

    • Cheack if all the spellings are right cos i did that one and got it all right :S

    • i triple checked the last one but it wont focking work.

    • same with me

    • oh

  9. THANK U

  10. AMAZING!

    • awsome!

  11. Lol Dis Is Cool :-))))

    • yh sure is

    • ???????????????????????????????????

  12. thanks very much

    IM 11 YRS OLD KEEP IT UP MAN U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ha u rock too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • U give me the kreeps weevil

    • What is you email?

    • u dont know who that could be !

  14. hi this wesite is a grat way to find out all the answers to crosswords and wordsearches and i will definetly be back on the site again.x

  15. it doesnt work

    • i am not welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    • yes it does

  16. hgb

    • well done mates u r all my best friends

    • what does that mean

      • lol great work lol add me on bw

    • yeehhhh i know
      buh whatt you sayinggg ??????

  17. thanks now i have finished all of them thanks so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. thank u so much it really is alot of help and i hope u will open up another website soon coz u really make them very useful thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Cp And Bw IS AWESOME thumbs up my comment then ill like you
    Im FAMOUS 8)


  20. i really love this website.i always go on it

    • EVIN ME !

  21. LOL whys this only for girls ur not that helpful thats just being sexist to boys. im 11 i should know how sexist u r by now Haha

    • lool im 11 to r u a boy

    • She probally did it because there is a website for the corss words and word searches for only boys, but still anyone can get into them even if your the opposite sex!

    • Hey im a boy and i hope you check this cuz i went on it LOLZ XD!!!


    • i dont think this helped because on some of them it say on bin weevils that they are not all correct. sorry

  23. lol i love thisssssssssss

    • ummm hai

  24. i did level 8 copied yours and i got 39 out of 40

    • i copied level 8 and i got all of them it must be you

    • hib men

    • You didn’t copy it right then!!!!

    • mabe u had one rong ! dont be sad ok ??

    • u must of done it wrong chloe
      because it worked for me!!!!!

    • so did I.

    • thaths becuse u spelled it wrong dount fac

  25. i have already completed them all but………………..

    • but what?……

    • what do youm mean yoyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • but whattttttttttttttttt

    • but wot

    • but what

    • i managed a lot by the help of this,thnk you

    • BUTTTT………………………. i did it first hahahahahah
      you loser
      ;D just jokinnnnngggg

  26. i think level 11 is wrong….

  27. thanks so much thanks now i have finished all of them thanks so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol i love thisssssssssssthank u so much it really is alot of help and i hope u will open up another website soon coz u really make them very useful thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cp And Bw IS AWESOME thumbs up my comment then ill like you

    • more please becase I have done them

  28. thanks!!! that really helped!

  29. thanks that really helped me out

  30. level 11 was wrong cause i put something different and it says i
    got them all right

  31. thnx thnx thnx thnx sooooooooo much!

  32. Hi I really like this page coz now I have 22000 roxs GIRLS ROCK !!!

  33. it is really good and i would be lost without it and i love how its 4 girls and girls only so stay out boys!!!!!!

  34. just to say to binweevils and clubpenguin are awsome rums airport had 2 airoplanes but clubpenguin took one crosd out weevil put penguin air took the check instead of tink they put clott on top they said club penguin said this clott is the dumest binweevil on earth

  35. it should be 4 boys but thanks 4 the help!

  36. thank

  37. this website is awsome i get the crosswords done in a flash!

  38. hi thx a million

  39. this is get love thissssssssssssssss

  40. thax this really helped i am now on level 12 and have done all the crosswords

  41. Thanks! i managed to level up!

  42. HELLO TO ALL 🙂

  43. How Do U Get To Level 100………..:):):):):):)


  45. thank you for letting me use these cheats i have now completed all of the crossword! 🙂

  46. thanks but i checked the last one 7 times and it was wrong but u have really helped me so thanks!


  48. me to!!!!!!

  49. wow thanks so much!

  50. This REALLY helped me!!! Thanks so much!! 🙂

  51. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  52. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  53. 🙂 🙂 🙂 sO COOL

  54. rubbbbbbbish

  55. kvvvvvvv so cool

  56. hi i am pinky1524 i love bin weevils

  57. i just love it 🙂 😀 (L) 😉 😎

  58. (L) was to turn into a lovehart

  59. bored…………………………………………..

  60. binweevils is awsome

  61. some of them r hard

  62. now i can afoord a room

  63. this is an awesome website. i must a freekin genius to get all those answers because trust i tried. dude ur soo th best! 🙂

  64. dont like this

  65. this is amazing it helped me

  66. thank u you have nearly got me on to level 10 which is a world record, thank u thanku thank u !!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  67. hi ive just done 7 crosswords thank you for all the help you gave me. from bramee

  68. it so helped me aford a new room thanks


    Thanks ur awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Thank you Sorry im a boy though

  71. great help! 😀

  72. ive done the school one but it says 28 out of 29 and ive copied it word for word can you please sort it out thanks byexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • really well ive done it all it must you thicko

      • dont be mean saddo

  73. thank you it helped me get over level ten few just made it lol

  74. there not even right omh there all rong uuuuuh so annoying 😦

  75. awsome i have done a few !!

  76. thankyou ( iv logged in with my twitter acount plz follow me !! ) xx

  77. same

  78. Thanks 🙂

  79. hi mate mate

  80. hahahah are you same and ryaz wafa come up strse oky yearrrrrr haaaaaaaa be my frend evryone im in binweevle my name is iyaz98

  81. im levle 1222222222222222 do you bleve it chek it the if nyou think is now true oky i see you ate binwevle!!!!!!!!!!!!byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  82. oky

  83. thnxs for it i helpped a lot!! 🙂

  84. oiii hey what u up to

    • hi blud:0

  85. oii talk to me

  86. OMG its boss!!!

  87. that was really helpful for me thx

  88. btw most people o this thing commentin dont acc even know what they mean most of the time , :/ 😛 ha but in a ay Gay ???

  89. it is great

  90. i did all of this for you hhaha it good

  91. i love this 4444444 mulch i get for one each

  92. thanx for the help it was realy helpfull now i am a level ten from doing the wordsearches and gaining xp thanx

  93. the last one is wrong!!!!!

  94. hi acvite

  95. rubbish it wont show you

  96. soooo good i love them

  97. 🙂

  98. hello is nathie boy on this website???!!!

  99. it is soooo cool i l love binweevils the crosswords are realllyyy helpful

  100. i love binweevils

  101. this website is amazing

  102. i finaly got up a level and now i have 10000 mulch thx

  103. this helped me allot thanks who ever invented it love you

  104. um.. guys i need help with somin very special

  105. cool

  106. this is exetremely helpful, I am really really really really really really realLy really really really grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):P):):):):):):P:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):0;0;0:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)l:):):):):):):):)c::):):)
    O O

  107. hi um yeh it helped me my name is AWESOMENESS911 on bin weevils add me i am a tycoon

  108. good lol hahaha just joking hahahahahahahahahahaha lolololol LOL!


  110. On level 8 crossword for when tears role down your cheeks it is actully cry and it is ride you bike that goes with it.

  111. boo

  112. it helped me a lot

  113. it dunt show the 1 i want shittttttttttttttttttttttttt

  114. loser on the level 11 one its not ant its cry and the i like to my bike it wasn’t nude it was ride don’t you know anything

  115. hi thanks this really helped me thanks whoeva but the ansewers ther thnx thnx thnx xxxxxxxxxxxxx 🙂

  116. thanks so much im on level 27 nowxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  117. it helped me alot wooo.

  118. really good! thanks helped me lots!

  119. badman


  120. thanks so much your such a great website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. they are very boring…………:(

  122. lol

  123. op

  124. thanks u rock

  125. amazing

  126. Thanks who ever set this up your a cheat but thanks that was a whole lot of help! P.S why this only for girls anyways im a boy and i looked so ha lol ha lol wos up yo yawl. BIN WEEVILS WOOOOOOHOOOOOO


  127. it is not a crossword

    • my name is Madeline

  128. this website is awesome ive done all the crosswords

  129. thanks

  130. on 25 at Christmas day its my birthday hoorayyyyyyyyyyy

  131. (^)

  132. This site is really good but……

    ….It needs to be for boys aswell!!! 🙂

  133. wow is so cool love it…….

  134. hhhhhhhihihihihihihihihi

  135. this is not crap cuz im a girl and GIRLZ RULE! btw there is no point doing a reply cuz im not gonna go back on this web

  136. i always go on this i find it really helps to earn money

  137. i always run out of money because i love to spend the dosh
    so this is the best

  138. it does helps

  139. cool beanslol 🙂

  140. level 11 is wrong

  141. thnx

  142. thnx i leveled up u sooo rock

  143. thx but nude is rude and somthing else is wrong

  144. K

  145. I will have a lot of mulch because of you. If you can do wordsherches would be very

  146. Don’t get me wrong this site is amazing i just wish your website name could be changed to binweevil cheats for everyone if you can thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be much more fair. my oner name is lil9938 Add me to your friends list if you want

  147. this websit is the best it really helps i have finished all crosswords and wordsearches all because you made this wonderful website thanks so so so so so so so so so so so ssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooo much i love you

  148. Thanxx hoo ever did it …it was brilliant… ❤

  149. thanx dude who made dis i can buy a room now cuz my stuf is gettin cramped so THANX DUDE U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. thx 4 the answers now if i am stuck i can look here

  151. don em all

  152. This helped me alot and i got alot of exp ! Ive just leveled up to lv 13 thanks for making this site ! And i bet everybody else enjoyed it too.



  155. thank bin weevils cheats for girls 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 ;):p

  156. haha just finished all thnx ^_^

  157. who ever made this is awsom too bad its not for girls

  158. nooooooooooooooooo

  159. Thank you

  160. i think its good and i love so everyone who said its crap it ay

  161. it was AWESOME

  162. it was very useful definitely
    the cheats helped alot

  163. i luv this coz it rilly helps me look for stuf more efficiently

  164. -this is so good. i luv it. it helps alot when u r lazy and u don’t wanna do the word sach

  165. thxs x x x:)

  166. awesome

  167. yay im on level 17

  168. sorry im a little crazy im still on level 17 i mean

  169. wanna know how to walk fast click a room and an invtaon at the same time then when it loads click your nest then your walking fast

  170. hi

  171. jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  172. rate please ok hi

  173. Phew I Just Leveled up now im level 18

  174. your nice

  175. binweevils rocks

  176. the last one didnt work i dont know why…….i spelt everything right mabye they made a mistake (binweevils not this website)
    anyway i relly like this website

  177. im level 8

  178. hii

  179. I’m confused. Tears rolling down your cheek is ant? I dont trust this level 11……

  180. i copied no. 2 n 3 n got a new room !!!
    im doing some others


  182. Good the school one works though and its easy i am on level six cuteaimee123 if you see me add me

  183. thanks alot im a level 6 got alot of mulch 3909 or 6909 i forgot but please if you see

  184. nice dood you rock

  185. Thank you so so so so so MULCH!!! lol x

  186. hi

  187. thank you for the help

  188. Hmmmmm Im only writing a comment Im not getting answers but wen ur making ur binweevles is says not to use cheats SO WHY R U USING CHEATS STOP IT THERES NO POINT.

    plz stop,

  189. i love this thank you soooo much this is amazing and i will always come on this site again and again

  190. Thank you ever so MULCH!!!! lol. This has helped me in more than one way 🙂 It was very good of you to add something like this to help out us girls. Thanks again Xx:)

  191. so easy

  192. i love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  193. yay thank you now i finally can complete it!

  194. BUT WHAT !! I SAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  195. on the level11 I did something wrong waaaaaaaaaa but thanx for all the
    help I love it:)

  196. i have finished all of them but the last one i copied it rite and it ses 40 out of 42 its exactlythe sme as urs aswell 😕 its soo annoyin i checked it sooo many tymez i swear down ?????? !!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. YOU ROCK MAN! 😎

  198. some didnt let me level up or get more mulch but easiest way to get mulch is from the mulchtastic

  199. but what then I meen it come on what ?? what I said

  200. i hate leavel 11 because once i done all of them by the cheats it says 40 out of 42

  201. I love binweevils its a great way to get a little education in on the weekends.

  202. wow it helped….. and???

  203. Thx for that i moved up a level and half!!!!! x

  204. i copied all of them and i submitted it and it says that I got 40 out 42 and I checked it so many times

  205. binweevils is cool and awsome
    from coolmanhotmanso

  206. Where are all the rest???

  207. today i levld up to 11. this is realy cool

  208. Something is Wrong with the crossword: School…I keep getting 28/29..

  209. Hey I leveled up to level 56

  210. there really a help now i have lodes of mulch and i’m not sure if level 4 school is right i put them anwsers and it said no

  211. not good and why only for girls

  212. thay blokt of binweevalis

  213. all them i did already

  214. This sight really helped me! I had absolutely no idea what most of the answers were on the harder crosswords.

  215. thanks for that. that really helped me


  217. thanks ive completed all the crosswords and all the wordsearches thanks so so so so so so so much THIS SITE IS AWESOME !! I WILL DEFINATLY COME BACK TO THIS SITE !!

  218. i know

  219. it was a really help and i completed them all and leveled up!!!:)

  220. u smell ralph

    • u reallly smell ralph and i know

  221. It is aswesome!Everything is corect!Thank you so much! -Hugs-

  222. people keep sayn its rubbish i think its awsome

    • love it

  223. I’m nearly level 14 add me Inutea

  224. wow a great help thanks!!

  225. luv it 8======D-


  227. coolcoolcool gud gud

  228. woodia

  229. hi im awesome

  230. love it thanx

  231. wrong on the last one cos i copied that and it sed wrong but still amaaaaaazzzzzziiiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggggggg !!!!!!!!!

  232. thanks but the last one is totally wrong
    you might have made a mistake with 2 words
    why dont you check again

  233. hi thanks

  234. this is so rubbish it should be for boys not stupid girls

  235. Level 11 its no ant or nude its (top) cry and (bottom) ride!

  236. beth’s right

  237. thank u i can finally cheat on this site so i can level up

  238. this is cool i love it but i think it should be for girls and boys

  239. This is so fucking stupid it shouldn’t be for shitty girls and girls suck. however made this is a son of a bitch

  240. im on level 11 and i copied the answer and its not go right

  241. this is rubbish it should be for boys

  242. These Crosswords are soooooooo cool! i just finish them in like, less than a day or an hour!!!

    How cool is that? this is the best crossword website ive ever gone to in my whole life!…

    • Level 11, ‘when tears run down your face’ = cry. not ant.
      ‘I like to ____ my bicycle’ =ride. not nude. wtf.

    • well yeh oves

    • im on the last level thank u every one ur the bestxxx

  243. I was just about to make it 10 outta ten but… erm…
    It didn’t quiyt work cuz the last ones wrong… you said “ant” so any of these udder guyz no it?

    ill be here waiting for a text message…
    Ps: you know ill be bacl, right?

  244. Da dom da dom, yeah yeah, im quite famous, believe me, and it actully really impressed me seeing all the correct answers. Even though, it bugs me knowing that there are people cheating on the game.

  245. its not that good because the last crossword a few of the was wrong and i had to change it myself and i dont think its fair the other people c wrong aswell.

  246. this crossword answers have some missing answers

  247. i finished in less than 10 mins

  248. this really is wonderful

  249. Level 11 doesn;t work

  250. I don’t even know how I stopped up here, however I assumed this post was great. I don’t recognize who you are but certainly you’re going to a well-known blogger if you happen to aren’t already. Cheers!

  251. you guys just need to relax i finished all the crossword in two minutes today! All in two mminutes

  252. thanks this is really useful since now i am on level 25 with only 30 xp left i better do the last one !! You rock

  253. thanks the ansers gave me 10000000000000000 dosh
    thats so awsome isnt it

  254. this was awesome
    it was so awesome i finished it in a hour or maybe two

    this was the best page for cheets thanks who ever made it it it was a big help

  255. this was helpful

  256. rubbish

  257. Look who ever made this webpage, IT IS 2013 NOT 2011 SO MAKE SOME NEW ONE’S!! DUH! 😛
    I am on level 2 cos just started and this has NOT helped one bit!

    • Who agree’s?

    • Let me tell you something. I HAVE updated this page. It is YOU whom has not paid any attention and wants to yap and complain at me.

      All the crosswords have been added. Now do not complain to me and please be aware that Binweevils is just a game. Thank you.

  258. good thing you updated!!

  259. Hey! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout
    out and say I genuinely enjoy reading your posts.

  260. Hey,
    I just wondered if you could advertise my blog on this page for a week? I would pay you Mulch.


    • Sure, I’ll make a post on it..
      And no, you don’t have to pay me xD

      Working on the site is enough 😛

  261. thx it realy help me

  262. If you are going for finest contents like myself, only pay a visit to this site all the time for the reason that it provides all the answers. Thanks.

  263. thanks who ever made this i levelled up

  264. thx who did this im a level 17

  265. this is nice lol it is

  266. who likes one direction my fav is harry styles i know everything about him

  267. I think the answers are good.

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